Calvin Klein x Curious Components

Calvin Klein x Curious Components

March 2, 2016 0 comment

Hey Components

“Glamour never takes a day off” -IMAN

We say, “Glamour never takes a time off”! 

Each and every second spent should be glamourous.

Calvin Klein best defines glamour through their new collection of watches and jewellery. 

Calvin Klein has recently launched their Spring/Summer 2016 watch and jewellery collection and we were glad to be a part of the celebration, which took place at Olive Bar and Kitchen in New Delhi.

There is love at first sight, and its true. We fell in love with the collection, which left us ecstatic by the end of the day. A beautiful combination of modernism, elegance and minimalism was portrayed by Calvin Klein through their collection. 

From oversized watches to sleek ones, they had something in the store for all. 

Calvin Klein is greatly known for its watches but the jewellery honestly stole the show. 

We have shared a few images of the SS16 collection of Calvin Klein accessories here. Go through them and we bet they will take your breath away!  


246-Calvin Klein-PC


K0V231C1 K3M226G6 K6E23646 K6S2N516 KJ3UMR0001 KJ4XPR1002  KJ06PE2001KJ5GPE100100KJ5DJN100100   KJ5APN1001PR_KJ3Y_2_Press_14411

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