Samsung Gear S2 | Edition 2 | Entertainment

Samsung Gear S2 | Edition 2 | Entertainment

April 15, 2016 0 comment

Hey Components!

We talked in our last post about how amazing the Samsung Gear S2 wearable is in terms of keeping a track of your health. Well that’s not all; the Gear S2 has much much more to offer – from checking your messages, to keeping tab of all your events, to playing music, all this in one easy to use, hands-free device. Also, its great design enables both men and women to wear it.

Today we’ll be talking about the entertainment features available in this wearable.

From our personal experience, we were both once waiting for our photographers to arrive at a photo shoot. While we sat there, we started playing some of the amazing games available on our Gear S2, and the 2 hour wait felt like nothing at all! All we just had to visit the Gear App Store on our Samsung phone, and download the games that interested us, and it would automatically get uploaded on your Gear. Both of us were soo busy playing, we hardly noticed where all the time flew by.

What’s more amazing about this wearable is that you can even play music via Bluetooth headphones.

From recording voice notes to responding to messages with emojis, to reading your daily news, the Gear S2 is on a roll.

This new Samsung Gear S2 promises to be different and so far we think it’s the perfect device for people on the go. We strongly recommend it to you all!

To be continued…

Curious Components

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