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Hey Guys

After a while we are coming up with a conceptual shoot on the blog and today we talk about this amazing label BIAS.I don’t think I have mentioned it before, both Srish and I love doing conceptual shoots after all that’s what we have done all 4 years during our college years. There is something absolutely amazing and soothing in doing conceptual shoots,the results come out pretty effortless.

And of course you all know how much I hate getting up early in the morning as much as I love summer mornings, pretty ironical I know ! So after 2 failed attempts of waking up early for this shoot finally I woke up on the third day  with only 20 alarms set up minute after minute :P. While taking a stroll under the canopy of these beautiful trees in this delicate cream double layered dress with rays of sunlight playing hide and seek through the branches was pretty whimsical.For this story, I wanted to bring out as much easiness and summer as possible complementing the silhouette of the dress.I feel an easy summer dress like this is a must have for one’s summer wardrobe.Aside from the fact that white and cream happen to be my staple summer colours.
BIAS has a pretty amazing collection in terms of silhouette experimentation.So if you are looking for some offbeat silhouette designs and experimental layering at affordable prices this is your stop.You can shop their collection from the wesbite

Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did shooting it.

Till next time stay Curious*


CC Shivi Tandon

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