#DenimizeTheWorld ft. ONLY India

Isn’t denim just the most amazing fabric out there? It’s versatile, it’s tough, it’s durable, it’s easy to work with, it’s fashionable, the list is endless! Denim is a huge component in the wonderful world of fashion. We often think of denims as a garment that is simple; a go-to basic that looks great with everything and gets us through (almost) every day. This denim trend has now become a rage! But do you know that denims were first used by workers because of its durability and low maintenance. Denims soon started being associated with high-class glamour, being a part of working-class wardrobes at the same time. From the year the very first denim was constructed, they have come a long way to become the skinnies, flares, and crops you wear today. Denim has charmed the fashion world greatly, reaching an iconic level of popularity as a symbol of practical wear due to its unfussy appearance, easy-to-handle surface and affordability. 

Denim will not be going anywhere any time soon! It’s here to stay! 

We are now obsessed with finding the perfect fit and the perfect jean, brands are trying their hardest to accomplish this task! And I must say ONLY India has done a fantastic job on the denim trend, making our relationship with denims uncomplicated. From the True blue denims to destroyed, washed out, cropped to denim chic, all available under one roof! They have amazing offers going on, so, what are you waiting for shop your denim look right here – www.only.in and #DenimizeTheWorld just like I did!

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