Hunkemöller | Store Launch Event

Hunkemöller | Store Launch Event

December 28, 2015 0 comment

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We all love to be beautiful outside and simultaneously inside. Appearance is one thing that matters to all. For a perfect start we have to have our basics right. It’s like you cant write down spellings until and unless you know your ABCD. Similarly if your lingerie is not right it’s going to effect your whole appearance, It’s one chief factor of dressing up and we all should know it right. One brand that’s going to help you the best with this is Hunkemöller.
Hunkemöller is a great lingerie specialist from Europe.
They have great science behind this whole concept of perfect fittings.
The fitting specialist will examine the fullness and spacing of your chest and give you the correct measurements accordingly. I found this idea really unique and convincing. No one has ever got into the science of it and this brand has given me all the reasons to believe it.
And it does not end here. Once they have your fittings and the correct measurements they then match it with one of the 4 main bra shapes that they specialize in. It gets exciting at every step.
They have really enthralling names for these 4 categories, namely:
Beautiful Balcony
Delicious Demi
Fabulous Full Cup
Perfect Plunge
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They offer you with their intriguing collection of bras which are suitable for both young girls and middle age women.
So that ways your work reduces to 10%, that is, you just have to select the design that appeals to you. And believe me you will not be convinced until and unless you buy it.
If you’ll visit them you’ll know that there’s much more than just knowing your right size. You’ll find lots of theme based lingerie in the store, Noir being my favourite one.
Their cup sizes range from A-G. That means no matter what size you are they have something for everybody.
They also have a Christmas collection in store that stands true to the it’s theme.
Other than bras they have lots more to offer at the store.
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Have you never known whats write and whats wrong with your basics you have to visit their store which has recently launched at DLF Promenade.
So girls, what are you waiting for go spoil yourself just like I did >_<


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