Indian Palette ft. India Circus

Indian Palette ft. India Circus

March 5, 2016 0 comment

Hey Components
The weather is changing and so are the colours around us. From the darkest of tones we are moving onto the brightest, and the nature agrees with us.
Bright colours evoke a sense of happiness in us, and so did the colours from India Circus.

India Circus picks up the best of Indian palette and is inspired by Mughal Royalty. It’s range is contemporary-chic and simultaneously, sophisticated. All of the above when combined together makes India Circus’s each piece exceptional.

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Here is how we created our radiant space with India Circus.
Pink Cushions, Green Mugs, Travel Pillows, Wallet, Bag : India Circus

Creative Director : Shivi & Srishti | Photographer: The CoLab

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