Quintessential | Marks & Spencer India

Quintessential | Marks & Spencer India

December 23, 2015 0 comment

Hey Components

As the end of the year is slipping down the slope its time to insert ourselves into our best outfits to bid adieu to this glorious year. This year has formed me into a more polished person, sharpened my future goals, made me mend my imperfections. I traveled half the world, learned, taught people, met people, experienced, explored, discovered and I was full of spirit. In short the year has been quintessential! And to celebrate this I bring to you Marks & Spencer India.

The look talks about Form-fitting, velvet, satin, black with ample of attitude. Reminds me of Femme fatal! All this compliments each other like none other. Marks & Spencer heroes in its tailoring and offers you the perfect fit with a flawless fall of fabrics.

So go and perfect your New Year’s Eve wardrobe with Marks & Spencer India.

I really don’t want to say goodbye to this year but lets get inspired by 2015 and look forward to push boundaries rather creatively in the coming year.

Come 2016!

CC Srishti

Wearing all Marks & Spencer. #LondonAffairwithMnS

Sponsored by Marks & Spencer India

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Photographed By Mehak Singhal

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