Rooted #AllAboutYoufromDeepikaPadukone

Rooted #AllAboutYoufromDeepikaPadukone

September 8, 2016 0 comment

Hey Components,

Pondering over the dynamic world of fashion the other day, I realized that a chunk of us turn to Western clothing when it comes to being in style. Now, this is no attempt to initiate a Khadi revolution but we all need a few pieces reflecting our eon’s heritage and oodles of class along with it.

What is it that makes us reluctant towards Indian wear? Perhaps not resembling a bouquet every time could have something to do with it. What we need is elegance yet simplicity; a subtle statement goes a long way. And that is what our beloved Components want, class not flash.

And I’m talking about details on embroidery, the feeling of matching color tones and yet radiate elegance. 

The Indian Film Industry has been a go-to for Indian wear, be it Priyanka who dazzled us with her desi thumkas and saree (hint, hint!) or xx

So, now I reveal to you something made for you, just for you,and it’s ‘All About You from Deepika Padukone. We have found the perfect pieces that deliver subtlety and style, making them instant classics!

Say hello again to ethnic wear because this is what sets us apart from the crowd, now excuse me/us while we grab a few pieces. Until then, Namaste!

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