Samsung Gear S2 | Edition 1 | Health

Samsung Gear S2 | Edition 1 | Health

April 3, 2016 0 comment

Hey Components,

We recently got our hands on this very cool gadget, the Samsung Gear S2, and if there’s one thing we can say without a doubt – this is definitely no ordinary wearable!

When we received the Gear S2 we were a bit sceptical of how the experience would turn out, but once we got started, we realised how user friendly the device is. It’s all about convenience with the Samsung Gear S2! We wore it almost everywhere – to events, to restaurants, markets, to our shoots, just everywhere and all the time!

If you have been following us on Snapchat you would know how much we love our food! At the same time, as fashion bloggers, we are quite conscious about our health; what we eat, how much we eat, and all that goes into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the Gear S2 we have access to Samsung’s S Health app that allows us keep track of what we our eating and drinking, how much calories we consumer with every meals or snack, and even compare our overall activity levels from one day to the next. We absolutely love that it also tells us how many more calories we can have! It’s so super helpful that the Gear S2 keeps a track of our step count, too. We were really surprised to see that it even nudges us to get active if we have been inactive for more than an hour! So once you have all the data in hand, about what all you ate and how much did you walk, it becomes so much simpler to keep a better track of your eating habits and work out.

So if you are one of those people who like to take good care of their health, or are looking for something to keep you motivated, the Samsung Gear S2 is just the thing for you!

Gear S2 really is a wonder. The best part is that being a unisex wearable it comes with 2 pairs of straps in different sizes. It is so versatile that even our guy friends were able to style it really well with their outfits!


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