Samsung Gear S2 | Edition 3 | Design

Samsung Gear S2 | Edition 3 | Design

May 4, 2016 0 comment

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How would it be for you to control almost anything and everything from your wrist? When I say this, you know I’m talking about – yes guys, it’s the Samsung Gear S2.


We both feel that it’s phenomenal to see the way technology is being moulded by mankind to create more and more means of staying connected with one another. The Samsung Gear S2 is no doubt one such fantastic example.


Our journey with this incredible gadget has been really smooth. From controlling our music, to checking our mails; staying updated on the news 24*7, and even keeping a check on diet and workout, to getting updated with the weather changes – we could go on and on and on with this. Oh, and also checking maps, and so much more!


Though neither of us is big on jewellery, when we do accessorise, our first preference is a wearable. Nowadays, it’s the Gear S2, obviously! With its slender frame and chic design, this super wearable pairs perfectly with everything and can be worn anytime, anywhere with just about any outfit.


The Gear S2 has been carefully designed keeping in mind the design and style needs of both the sexes. Believe us when we say this, it pairs effortlessly with all kinds of outfits and looks. The changeable straps on the Gear S2 will no doubt ensure that you can keep changing the look of the wearable as well.


The display on the Gear S2 is a serious win. Samsung has given amazing quality display in this wearable. We eagerly look forward to see more apps for the Gear S2. Apart from this, we also applaud Samsung’s efforts in terms of the graphics for this wearable.


We could go on praising the Gear S2, but it’s probably time for you to experience it for yourself, now. Honestly, stop thinking start acting!


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