The Himalayan Sage

The Himalayan Sage

January 1, 2016 0 comment

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In Mussoorie, I was bowled over by wondrous old wrecked homes, with dismantled flooring, ruined fireplaces and walls routing with branches. While these homes were one marvel after another, the place where I shot was simply outstanding, out of the world and immensely a creative one. My mind filled up with limitless pool of ideas and imagination.

I knew I had to work upon a conceptual shoot here but had never realized how phenomenal the results would have been. I had a brilliant team on board with me; they were more like creative powers who accompanied me.

The concept here revolves around the Sages who have hidden themselves in The Himalayas. Himalayan region has been a special inlet of true Yogis and Mahatmas from times immemorial. The great yogis who have housed in this sacred region are beyond the bounds of possibility to be found elsewhere. Hundreds of yogis are reported to be living and studying the riddles of the inner realms. The yogis in the Himalayas and their surrounding ambience have been carefully framed here.

The outfit was juxtaposed with a messy bun on top, every shot was contrasted by the background of a moldy/blue-yellow ruin that the fascinating house is. A big thank you to everybody who helped on this, from pushing their regular boundaries for the shoot, to helping me walk through those terrible hilly terrains, for suggesting this amazing location to keeping the passers-by away. You know who you all are and I could not have done it without you.

CC Srishti

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