The Poised Empress ft. Pranati & Sahib

The Poised Empress ft. Pranati & Sahib

February 10, 2016 0 comment

Self Confidence, Dignity, Elegance, Power is what makes an empress. An empress never fades, she is always remembered and her stories are always cherished. And when two of them stand hand in hand they become un-stoppable.

Hey Components
Today we are here to share with you the world of Pranati & Sahib. The world of Pranati and Sahib is an elegant womenswear label which encompasses a wide range of ensembles ranging from typically Indian silhouettes to quirky crop-tops. The label is built around core values of creativity, innovation and attention to detail which resonate in every ensemble they design. At Pranati and Sahib they aspire to achieve a utopian level of draping and highly sophisticated, intricacy in embroidery. Each design is created to embody superior quality and highly refined tailoring which reverberates through their entire collection.
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Find them here:
Facebook: Pranati & Sahib
Instagram: pranatiandsahib
Photography Credits: The CoLab

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