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Although I love travelling as much I love staying at home, quite ironical though. But while I am travelling the two things I miss the most is my bed and my beauty arsenal. I have always been a beauty girl, you can say I have been more into skincare than make up ever since. Make up came very late in my life probably when I started blogging but skincare was always a crucial part of my routine. And since I have to keep up with make up for long hours due to shoots and events I do not want to compromise on my skin even while travelling.

Recently I travelled to Singapore, and keeping skincare in mind I stocked my vanity with all my beloved products from one of my most trusted beauty brands, Kiehl’s. I have been an ardent user of kiehl’s products ever since my college days.

Starting with my morning to night routine here are the key products I used during my trip.


Preparing myself for a long and day full of activities I cleanse my face with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial CleanserHaving a dry skin am very picky with my cleansers, and this one is just perfect for my skin type. It’s pretty gentle on skin and never made my skin extra drying or itchy after I washed my face with it.


While travelling I make sure I cover most of the city on foot, through which I don’t miss out the little things on the streets. Specially in a small country like Singapore exploring by walking is the best way. And to prepare my skin from facing the sun all day long I applied Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SunscreenIt comes in a small and handy packaging which is perfect for travelling so I tend to can carry it in my you bag and keep applying it time to time all day long.

Night time Routine

My night time routine is more time consuming than my morning routine. I really take the time to prep my skin before I doze off as it is THE most critical time for your skin to renew. As the day ends and I return to my hotel I immediately take of my make up for which I used Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil. It is a lightweight essential oil cleanser which emulsifies with water to a cleansing milk, It effectively removes makeup and impurities without over-drying, leaving skin clean and replenished.

Post cleansing I applied Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is a night serum which helps in rejuvinating my skin and improves firmness and elasticity for replenished, radiant skin. It’s been my personal favourite and I have been using it every night religiously from years.

Under Eye Care

Post cleansing I apply Creamy Eye Treatment by Kiehl’s which is a suitable eye cream for puffy eyes. After a long tiring day it soothes my under eye area and provides moisture to it.

Hope you liked my post, let me know if you wish to read more articles related to our personal beauty routines.


Shivi Tandon


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