Wella Hair Care Session with Patrick Cameron | Tips, Tricks and Facts

Wella Hair Care Session with Patrick Cameron | Tips, Tricks and Facts

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Hey Guys

How is this summer treating you all ? Well summer is that time of the year when your hair needs the utmost care and attention. In such humidity and harsh sun the hair quality tends to ticker down which calls for double attention to our locks.

Recently Wella hosted a great informative hair care session at the Wella Tech Studio in Saket,Delhi. The event was hosted by world renowned hair stylist Patrick Cameron. Patrick is Wella’s global ambassador who has been associated with Wella from past 25 years. His recent appearance was at Cannes Films festival where he worked on a special film premier styling stars like Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.


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The whole ageda about this fun interactive session was to discuss about hair and other related topics. We discussed about summer hair issues, hair trends, hair spray tricks and quick easy hairstyles for lazy girls ,like me 😛 . He also encouraged  girls to experiment and do their hair styling at home instead of running to a hair dresser every time.

Patrick tried an easy to go, messy side bun look on me. Which was very simple and sassy at the same time. And I completely adore it.




The holy grail product, ‘Luxeoil’ by Wella for styling and nourishment.


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Patrick being such an expert in his field shared some really interesting facts and tricks about hair care, specially for girls with long hair.

Here are a few facts, tricks and tips the expert shared with us.

Hair Care Tips and Facts

  • Wella’s ‘Luxeoil’ is an ultimate product to help in growing of hair and as a finishing product to add shine.
  • Girls with curly hair have issues while drying their wet hair, the best technique is to use a serum like ‘luxeoil’ or a mousse half way down with fingers, crunch the hair at the bottom and leave it to dry. Later use a wide tooth hairbrush to settle it down.
  • Curly hair is generally naturally dry, thus you should apply a heavy conditioner more than the shampoo. Leave it for a period of 3-5 minutes and later rinse it.
  • It is a myth that if you comb wet hair you get split ends, false. You get split ends if you brush the knots out of dry hair. Thus for both long curly and straight hair. While your hair is wet take a wide comb brush, gently start from the bottom and gradually go to the top.

Tricks and Trends

  • While making a ponytail make sure it is proportionate to your chin and ear. It enhances your face cut.
  • Messy Buns of all sort are a big YES !
  • Always use a hair styling spray to fix your hairstyle once done.
  • Back coming leads to hair fall is a myth, if you brush your hair back in the right way it will suit you right. So start from the bottom while opening your hairdo.
  • For fine hair you can opt for different kinds of padding available in the market and try out beautiful hairdos and add  volume to your hairstyle.
  • While choosing a hair shade for colouring make sure it is according to your skin tone, always discuss it first with the hairdresser.
  • When taking out a hairstyle, we all go through a problem of bad rough hair. To solve it, always start brushing from the bottom and slowly go to the top. You can also go for a hair wash once done.

I had a lovely time at the event, It was one of the most fairly interactive session I have been to, through which I learnt so many new things about my hair and in general. It also motivated me to try new hairstyles on myself, which I was very lazy to do but not anymore 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the post and learnt new things about hair care and apply it in your daily lifestyle. Let me know if you guys want another post on haircare routine or related to it.


Shivi Tandon

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