9 Best Restaurants To Try in Goa : #CCRecommended

They say, “Go to Goa, party hard, get drenched in booze and stroll red-eyed and fatigued on grassy dunes.That’s good old Goa for you. Goa is high on life, hyper and hippie.”
You must have definitely heard of all this when it comes to Goa. And yes, of course we have all experienced it; roaming around in ganjis and haram pants, exploring beaches and shacks with a cool bottle of King’s in our hands. Nevertheless, there is so much more to Goa than its golden sands and enticing beaches. Food and drinks here are taken very seriously and with this very seriousness in mind, we decided to create a post about our absolute favourite restaurants in Goa.
1. Route 66, Panjim. Their juicy burgers are scrumptious, to say the least.
2. Mustard, Sangolda. The food served here is an interesting blend of Bengali and French cuisines.
3. Koi, Candolim. Try their Sushi platter with Californian rolls and Khow suey.
4. Fat Panda, Candolim. Their marinated squid is tantalising.
5. Soi, Agueda. Head to this place for irresistible and authentic Goan food.
6. Antares, Vagator. Don’t miss their chilli barbecue prawns and glazed pork ribs. For  dessert, we quite liked the chocolate ball filled with mousse. Also, do give their cocktails a try.
7. Thalassa, Vagator. An all time favourite place for Delhiites. We love the surreal ambience here as the restaurant overlooks the mesmerising Arabian Sea. Here, the breakfast is soulful with options from Greek cuisine.
8. A Reverie, Calangute. A very chic and cosy restaurant with a great vibe for the romantically inclined. A big thumbs up for the drinks they serve here.
9. Fish Ka, Betalbatim (South Goa). Try their delectable calamari, prawns rawa  fry, pork ribs and lip-smacking prawn curry.
Written by Srishti Agarwal
Edited by Nikita Nayak
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