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Today we’ll be sharing with you our exciting new project with Lee. Lee Jeans has come up with an innovative and a refreshing idea which brings us a pair of jeans that keeps us cool during summers, making it suitable for summer weather conditions. Regarding this, Lee has started a campaign called #RefreshTheCity. We are a part of this campaign and this is our concept of #RefreshTheCity.

Read on for our take on this campaign, followed by our photo series regarding the same.


An elaborate culture and a rich heritage are the foundation stone of the Indian capital. As we move forward into a progressive era, pause and look back what laid the foundation of this city (New Delhi).

One can’t ignore the monuments and historical architecture that has roots that date as far back as the Mughal era. A good reminder of the opulence that once surrounded the beautiful city of Delhi. However, Delhi today has paved the way for a concrete jungle with the enormous rise in new infrastructure and buildings, the culture, architecture, monuments have been unfortunately been forgotten.

There is a need to re-instill the amazing pieces of art and bring them back to life for the world to take notice. One such instance has been seen in the project of renovating the Haveli at Dharampura, undertaken by Vijay Goel. He has taken up the initiative of refreshing this monument by stripping down each part by reattaching, replastering and repainting it. Thereby, transforming it into a stunning display of heritage and hospitality. This initiative thus rejuvenates the essence of Delhi and is the perfect amalgamation of the old with the new. It incorporates the plush and spectacular scenic architecture and walks hand in hand with today’s modern designs.

We would like to take this project forward because amidst a city with increasing modern infrastructure, this ancient structure replenishes the charm of the Mughal era.

What was once forgotten and had been degrading with passing time has now been restored. As the city of New Delhi grows along with its technological advances it is becoming negligent towards its culture. Although, this amazing initiative of reconstructing a 200-year-old haveli and completely transforming it in a new way, keeping its old charm intact is a start of what Delhi should ideally be.

Haveli Dharampura, situated in the heart of Chandani Chowk, is a late Mughal style haveli built in around 1887 that has been restored to its former grandeur. Haveli Dharampura is the one such example for this campaign as it clearly demonstrates the literal meaning of refreshing your city.


You can also be a part of the Lee #RefreshTheCity campaign by submitting your own awesome ideas on how to refresh the city. Send in your pictures or videos along with the idea here

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The above picture shows raw bricks which are 200 years old and belong to the Mughal Era and are 2.5 inches broad. The architect has given this structure a new and fresher look using the same bricks.IMG_9236

The above picture is a skeleton of Haveli Dharampura, Delhi


Photography: Mehak Singhal

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