Doing the unusual

Breaking the norms of wearing jootiya with a sharara, carrying a kettle instead of a thousand dollar leather or a box of bling and trying to still keep it traditional with the statement gold piece! Planting new seeds in the Indian soil without destroying our original roots! That’s what my inspiration was for this post.
Hey Components!
As the festive season is here you’ll want to add some new ideas in your wardrobe. So I thought of doing something rather unusual. Instead of keeping just Diwali in mind I thought why not blend something we use in our daily life, like a white shirt. I’m sure we all have a basic white shirt or may be a white t-shirt, so why not pair it up with those lehengas, shararas or dhoti pants laying eggs in your wardrobe since ages. I paired my white shirt with my pastel blue sharara which was almost invisible when I wore it with my long kurti.
For the footwear I was going to team it up with the usual jootiya but kept with them were my favorite pair of shoes which you can see below in the pictures. And to add a twist to it I used a kettle instead of a bag. You might be thinking KETTLE? WHY? And I thought, Kettle! Why not! After all I’m taking my inspiration from what we do in our daily lives and I see people serving tea in this kettle at every street corner from early morning till late night. And lastly I added the statement gold neckpiece to complete the look cause as I said we are not going to destroy our original roots!
Hope you’ll enjoy this post as I much I did making it!
Love you all!
CC Srishti
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Outfit Details:
White Blouse : Zara
Sharara : Shahpur Jat Boutique
Shoes : Boutique in Rome
Neckpiece : Diwali Exhibition
Rings : Forever 21
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