Fabulous Basics by Enamor

Fabulous Basics by Enamor

September 28, 2015 0 comment

Hey Girls

We all are in constant search of ‘the’ perfect bra. And this process I guess takes a lifetime. Specially with the girls with heavy bust line to find a perfect fit bra seems like the ultimate life goal ! I am more of a person who prefers to invest in basics in terms of undergarments instead of the fancier ones.

Enamor has recently launched their new collection of ‘fabulously comfy’ basic bras. It comes in super soft lining both inside and outside with contoured cups providing medium coverage to the bust. Enamor has also launched this first of it’s kind wire free push up bra which is quite comfortable and spares you from the horror of the annoying wires that come along. The foam itself is very lightweight. Thus the cups are light and that doubles the comfort factor making it easy to wear it on daily basis. It comes along with a fancy little bow in front and detachable straps for much ease.

You can have a look at the latest collection of bras by Enamor available in various colours and prints.

Happy Shopping Girls www.enamor.co.in

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