VAGABOND : Destination Amsterdam

VAGABOND : Destination Amsterdam

May 3, 2015 0 comment

Hey Guys

It’s been a long time since my last update. Shiv (as I call her) has been doing a fantastic job with the blog and they are undoubtedly great posts. Good job Shiv! Missed you!

Soo now I’m back from my Euro trip ready to take you through my itinerary.

Amsterdam 8 April – 12 April

My first destination was Amsterdam. When one thinks of Amsterdam the majority things that comes to one’s mind is weed, RLD (red light district), museums and of course our Bollywood movie, Queen. Everything is legal here and open to all. There are numerous hash bars distributed all around the city and each of these contain their own version of Pablo Escobar, with a variety of cannabis on their menu. If you talk with the localities here they’ll tell you that all this only fascinates the travelers here, majority of locals are not at all into it.

As soon as I stepped inside the city I saw a chaos of cyclists. Being a lover for cycling it really excited me the amount of cyclists that were on the road. Trams here are the best medium for travelling across the city. Book a student hostel for the best Amsterdam experience. You meet students of your age from across the world and one learns soo much about the vivid cultures from their personal experiences. You’ll find the best pancakes and waffles filled with nutella and topped with ice-cream and strawberries and bananas on the streets. During the afternoons I chilled on the street café’s which are street café’s in literal sense. You have people playing live music on the streets and you’ll find huge beer pitchers on every table. Go for a walk by the canal side. By the time evening approaches people start moving towards the Central where you’ll find the famous coffee shops and RLD, all soo well lit up.

I was in Amsterdam for 4 days which is good enough to explore the city. You can also take a day off from Amsterdam and travel to Weesp which is a very scenic countryside just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam by train.

Do visit this city with your ‘friends’, you’ll love it.

I’ll be back with more destinations.

Till then stay Curious about my next destination, Hamburg Germany.

CC Srishti







IMG_1260Amsterdam Cheese Factory

IMG_1752 IMG_1281 1O3A9705IMG_1276


What I wore:

Shirt: Zara, Trousers: River Island, Watch: Michael Kors, Sport Shoes: Nike

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