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Hope you’re all doing well!

Just wanted to tell you guys about this amazing device that I recently received from ASUS. It’s the Asus Zenpad C 7.0, and it has quickly become my go to device when I need to get things quickly. I have been using the tablet for almost two weeks now and the credit for the increase in my posts and prompt replies on instagram facebook and twitter can definitely be credited to this cute compact device.

So here’s my review:


The Screen:

Asus Zenpad C 7.0 has a 7” screen that is perfect for viewing and taking pictures, browsing the net and with an integrated sound system embedded in its back cover it takes movie watching to a whole new level.



With a 5 MP camera and the editing techniques that come along with it, its made my work a lot easier. Its given selfie a whole new dimension by providing a virtual make up kit that helps me look my best at all times.



As a blogger and fashion enthusiast it is important for me to be upto date with all the latest fashion events happening around the world. The tablet comes with a 1 Gb RAM that helps me switch and work on multiple apps instantaneously and makes multitasking much easier. Further now I don’t have to transfer my memory card from my DSLR to my computer to get things done, when this little device helps take care of it.



With so much happening on one device you would imagine it to not have a good battery life. But this is where the Asus Zenpad C 7.0 rises above the rest. With a 8hr battery life I can use it on the go, check my emails, watch movies, talk to people without having to worry about charging it. And if that wasn’t enough ASUS also gives an additional battery set that is cherry on the top.


It’s the nicest compact device that I have come across in a while and is definitely one of my strong recommendations.

CC Srishti

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