#TrendAlert : Old School Logo Tees

#TrendAlert : Old School Logo Tees

September 1, 2017 0 comment

Amongst the fashion crowd, one T-shirt trend, in particular, has reigned supreme in 2017—Logo Tees. Every brand, from fast fashion to designer, is on board and women are snapping them up to wear tucked into their skirts and high-waisted jeans or layered over a dress. The old school logo tee trend is here to revive your 90’s memories.

Brands and designers alike are churning out tees, sweatshirts and more with their names plastered all over them. From the blogger-approved (and -obsessed) Gucci T-shirt to the ever-evolving and forever-retro Adidas sweatshirts, this trend has already blown up in the last year and will only get bigger as we navigate our way through 2017.

While I am donning my childhood favourite brand

You can shop my similar look from here

Levi’s Tee 

Levi’s Logo Tee in Red

Levi’s Logo Tee in Bold Print


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