Hey Components

These days I’m experimenting with colors and creating various color stories for you and now I’m back with a new color story, Cyan!
I thought of going a bit off track and rather than adding a neutral color I used two bright colors blue and green. But of course I cannot deck it up with colors so I wore heels that can blend with my skin tone. I have also added a dash of bright pink to my lips.
Also for the silhouette I’ve kept it quite petite this time, though I’m a big fan of oversized clothing.
A cut work belt was added to the whole look to perfect it!
Stay curious for my next story!
CC Srishti

1O3A79801O3A7936 copy  1O3A77911O3A78271O3A7993 1O3A8130 1O3A82231O3A7891 1O3A79101O3A7919

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