Brighton: Salt in the Air & Sand in my Hair

Brighton: Salt in the Air & Sand in my Hair

August 1, 2015 0 comment

Hey Guys

I’m spending my summer days doing day trips around United Kingdom, the best way to explore this Kingdom. Londoners have been traveling to Brighton for beach getaways and so did I, so as to feel the salt in the air and sand in my hair ;). The pebbled beach, Brighton Pier’s amusement arcade and the Royal Pavilion are the main sights, but you’ll also find hundreds of pubs and clubs catering to an energetic crowd. Unfortunately we found rains in Brighton and it was too windy to have a dip in the water, rather we explored the streets of Brighton which had beautiful cafes and you could find huge graffiti walls in the alleys. Brighton also has beautiful boutiques with very reasonable clothing. We ended our day at the Vodka Revolution which is a pub situated right opposite the beach, it has 36 flavors of vodka to offer which are more of soda’s rather than vodka’s. It was a good trip altogether and you all are advised to visit Brighton in first two weeks of July.

I’ll be back with more Day Trips soon!

Until Then

Stay Curious!

CC Srishti 🙂



What I wore:

Dress: Ralph Lauren

Stripe Shirt: River Island

Shoes: House of Fraser

Sunglasses: Streets of Camden

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